Hey everyone, just wanted to check in and share a short progress video of my punch technique! This was something that eluded me for the LONGEST time, and I feel like I've finally gotten the hang of it and am so excited. Now I'm working on making the timing and clutch pop repeatable so I can get max lift every time, so I can start trying bigger obstacles. The one big "a-ha" for me came when I went to a clinic here in the US. I had been trying to slip the clutch and build RPM while the front wheel was still a long way from the obstacle, which made placing the front wheel accurately insanely hard. The instructor at the clinic clarified that you don't actually pull the clutch and rev the engine until the front wheel is about 6" away from the obstacle, so you can be sure you're actually going to hit the spot you're aiming for. Of course, and like Neil says, that means the rev and clutch pop has to happen is a super short span of time. The clinic instructor told me to practice dropping the front wheel onto a leaf on flat ground and practicing the rev, pop, and jump to get the timing right. Doing this helped me learn how to pull in the clutch and twist that wrist while still hitting the spot I was aiming my wheel at. It was the breakthrough! I'm still refining the technique and am open to suggestions if anyone has any. I would love to hear from others what parts of learning the punch you found most difficult, or what parts you're currently struggling with the most!

Posted by Caroline Kent at 2023-04-27 19:16:40 UTC