FEEDBACK @deletedmember Ride Technique at Higher RPM Mate this is really good riding! There are a range of little things here but they are mostly symptoms of the core issue, being the RPM (anxiety as you know). This is really normal and don't go out to try and fix all in one foul swoop! Major Points - Bias of Body Shifting Forward on Bike - Focus on Dropping down on bike - Double Pump is evidence of it - Leg/Body Stalling - After your have dropped your not standing back up and losing leverage - Distance of GO due to loss in leverage - Core issue - RPM Anxiety Steps to correct 1. Anxiety - Reduce RPM a little then raise it again later - Pad corners of steps so they are a touch smoother yet you can still feel what is happening 2. Shift to more the the Arches of your feet, about an inch ( I am assuming both, I cant see the right foot). 3. Eliminate Double Pump, just lower to a Start position 4. Stand up strong and aim shoulders slightly back as you do to maximise tension/leverage 5. Straighten Legs more (instruction could be kick legs or pull bars - both have same effect but different riders respond to one or the other as odd as that sounds) 6. Get over the bars more - Brings your COG further in front of the Force from the rear wheel and helps on the steep stuff! Hope this all makes sense, let me know if you have any questions!

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-04-28 00:50:00 UTC