FEEDBACK @deletedmember on Stationary Punch Tim you have quite a good base to start from here! your clutch control is really quite good and your ability to use the controls whilst moving on the bike is fantastic. I also Know that @Wes may get some value out of this video. Major point Focus on compressing the Forks - When you are riding you are not compressing the bike fully into the forks. this allows the energy from the engine to push the bike forward and this will reduce the lift significantly. Steps to improve Play with this action and process; 1. Start back as far as you can comfortably 2. Pull Forward 3. Push into the Bars and Pegs (Keep front brake on and clutch in the whole time) - Aim to get the forks as compressed as you possibly can! This I have found is always the key. As you can see in the video you already get the rear quite compressed. What ever you do, DO NOT "GO" or release the clutch until you have the bike compressed as much as you can. Don't rush this little exercise take your time with it. Your clutch and front brake release is also a touch early so waiting for the full compression and taking a bit of time to relax into the action will help, that touch of a rush. You want to feel the bike totally stopped and compressed, before you GO. Let me know if you need clarification at all

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-04-27 12:47:05 UTC