FEEDBACK @Marsel and So I needed to respond to both of you as you are both having a similar issue in terms of the bike getting ahead of you. Now Marsel, you have made significant progress since before and Michael i did reply to something like this to you in a comment at some point (well at least I think i did🤔). The main reason for the bike getting ahead of us is a weak standing action. I will sometimes say your squat is weak but i mean on the stand up not the lowering down. In the Video I show how I look for it. We want to see some flex in the sole of your boot and as much as possible little to no movement forward of the bike compared to your body. KEY POINTS Weak posterior chain - If your Glutes and Hamstings pull your torso "back" If they are weak as you pull on the bars your chest comes forward and you lose, tension and leverage over the bike. Your hips tend to fall back and the bike leaves you behind or you over pull yourself forward and stay over the bars. Get onto some Glute bridges to switch on the muscles, especially if you are sitting for work alot. With an increase in the squat strength you can GO closer. As you increase your tension on the bike, the leverage and your overall action will improve dramatically. Traction will increase and so will lift. This means you can then start getting closer with your GO moment to the obstacle.

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-04-27 12:28:11 UTC