@Marsel & I somewhat Hijacked Michael's post on his ride technique, talking about clutch lever adjustment. Last year Wes & I got to spend a day with Neil and I remember him hopping on my bike to show something and saying words to the effect of, "Oh, that's a bit different to how I have my clutch", so I'm really not sure how my setting compares to other people's, but it feels comfortable to me so I guess that's what matters. Anyway ... I told Marcel I'd post a video of my clutch lever in action, more as a discussion starter than anything. This is my process for setting the lever, for what it's worth. * Adjust the engagement so the clutch is just free to let the bike roll backwards easily when the lever is against my knuckles. * Adjust the reach so my finger is just at or very slightly more than 90 degrees as the clutch fully locks up. If I pull the lever all the way to the bar I can feel the clutch releases a little more compared to when it's at my finger, but it's only a tiny bit. The little bit of drag when it's at my finger isn't enough to stop the bike rolling backwards quite freely. If I try to get rid of all the drag then the engagement point tends to be further out than around 90 degrees finger angle. I'm using either Penrite 10W/30 MC or ATF for oil. Perhaps if I used a fancier oil there might be less drag with the lever at my fingers? I go through a fair bit of oil (change it every 10 hours which is every couple of weeks) so I stick with less expensive, more easily bought oil from my local supplier. https://vimeo.com/820200345?share=copy

Posted by Peter Mack at 2023-04-23 05:13:19 UTC