FEEDBACK for @Wasyl and I thought seeing as though you both ride together I would just on and do this as a double. You can hold each other accountable 👍. Apologies for taking so long to get onto this reply. Both of you are doing fantastically well!! @Wasyl - Make more of a ramp for the Step; Adding in some rocks or some smaller items to make the step more of a ramp will allow you to feel more of what is happening. It will also make it a little less worrying to ride so you can more relaxed, and focused in your action. - RPM is on first; We want to keep the RPM as the first thing we do, so we can maintain the pattern of RSG. - Leave your GO a little later; If you leave the GO moment just a touch later combined with the ramp you will get a better feel of what is happening. This will reduce the speed at which the bike hits the face as it accelerates over a shorter distance. - Leave the clutch out for a tiny bit longer; At the moment it appears that you are pulling in the clutch a touch early, this is cutting the power before the bike has ridden up the face. Adding the ramp will help this, but just gradually allow the bike to ride a little further before you pull the clutch back in and cut the power. It can be hard habit to break until you are truely relaxed in the action and there is no anxiety at all. It is actually a good thing as I know you will be safe in your attempts as the Clutch is your biggest safety button! - Bring your RSG action into a smaller length and closer to the step; Now that you have the RSG pattern, shorten the distance in which you do the ride technique. Remember that RSG is an exercise to develop the pattern. If you get confused and regress, go back to RSG over a longer length to re-establish the pattern. But I think you have it really well developed! Shorten the distance and on this particular step bring the GO moment a bit closer. Then I would recommend that you just keep doing the action until you are comfortable with the RPM and doing it closer to the step. This video whilst i know it was your best attempt, (i watched the fail videos, it is an exceptional effort! If you need anything clarified let me know!

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-04-17 13:22:56 UTC