Hello Community! Wanted to share my findings, and ask what do you think. I'm fighting with the habit that during RSG my hips are going back instead of ... forward. That negates my RSG. So I decided I will be training wheelie instead of RSG. You can call it "RSG without standing on GO". My goal is so go down (squat) and stay low during releasing the clutch... I find that not so easy! But I already see some progress. @Neil Price what do you think, does this exercise make sense to polish the RSG "go" action? (to train not-bring-hips-back-during-Go) https://youtu.be/AxB0zkvBYAk And then, I tried this.. and I was super surprised I was able to do it: https://youtu.be/aTofcmvlOT8

Posted by michael.szymandera.pl at 2023-04-16 13:36:33 UTC