FEEDBACK Peter Mack - Back Wheel Balance Progression Peter has asked for a progression to develop Balance on the back wheel. I break it down something like this; Balance Left and Right 1. Floating Turns - Not big ones but smaller and more accurate versions where you carry the front for a little longer. Aim is to get you comfortable on the rear whilst the is turning. Balance Forward and Backward 2. Clutch loading on hill - starting with a constant load for the length of the hill, then adding in pauses on the hill. 3. Adjusting the V - Play with the 3 positions. - Body and front wheel high, - Body right back and low, with front wheel low, - Body low, but over the rear wheel (not too far back) 4. Loading against an Obstacle - feel the load against the face (you will have this one already dialed) then feeling the corner of the obstacle in the different positions of the V. 5. Dropping off with the front high - Get comfortable dropping off an obstacle with the front high 6. Riding a rock that is a ramp up to larger drop off - This is getting comfortable with riding the face and adjusting to suit the crest/edge of the obstacle and then the drop. After all of that you will likely find you will get to the point where you will be comfortable to jump gaps on the back wheel after riding up a rock or log. But I wouldn't suggest going further until each of these is in place

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-04-14 09:04:39 UTC