So those that know me know I don't crash that often, and I keep my bike pretty pristine and well maintained. Alot of that stems from the fact these things aren't cheap, especially the green ones lol, and I know it has to last me several years. We know these things are actually pretty well built and durable. I mean they are designed to be slammed into rocks and survive some cray-z bail offs and tumbles. I had a first happen to me over the weekend and got a chance, not that I wanted it, to fund out how durable these trials bikes are built. It was the first time the US Vertigo importer has heard of it happening here too. Got to the club, unloaded my bike, tossed a helmet on, and rode out to the area we were creating a new section at. As I rode out I saw 2 trucks there and the owners of said trucks talking. Not wanting to disturb them I coasted in unpowered and stopped pretty far back. Left my helmet on the bars and walked up to join in. After the convo broke up my fellow club member and I walked over to the section and started talking layout. Meanwhile the other guy got in his truck and drove off. Well he started to at least. Just as we got into talking about the section we hear a loud clank. My buddy turns to me and says " he didn't just run over your...." . Well sure enough as soon as I turn around I see the back of his truck bounce up, and as I look down I see my beloved Vertigo being rolled under his tire! 😬😲😳. I still can't believe my luck, I thought for sure I was going to walk up to a twisted and bent frame, wobbly tweaked wheels, scuffed /torn graphics, and or who knows what else. The soil here is a mixture of gray and gravel. I truly expected the worst, though I did keep calm and cool on the outside, but inside heart was breaking. Well would ya know I walk up to find my bike, still mostly intact. The front wheel was twisted something fierce in the forks, the number plate thrown several feet away, bar pad shredded, and well... that was actually about it. I was shocked! I, as much as I couldn't believe my bike was just run over, was in even more disbelief it wasn't turned into a worthless paper weight by that RAM truck! Upon further inspection I found my fork brace broke, the back of one of the fork tubes (between the clamps) scuffed, my kickstand mount cracked, and my bars almost imperceptibly bent, a slighty bent brake lever, and some rubber smeared on my airbox and surrounding graphics. Honestly if I had a spare fork brace the bike was still rideable. I'm honestly amazed at both how well the bike held up and how lucky I got! I think the most expensive thing damaged was my Hebo Carbon helmet. The guy left me a business card and told me to let him know about damage cost. Hopefully he'll cover the damages. That remains to be seen. It could of been worse, and I'm happy to still have my bike ,mostly, in great shape still. Heck even the rubber left on my graphics mostly just scraped off with my fingertipsl after a bit. Anyway that was my weekend. Hope y'alls was less eventful!

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2023-04-11 13:28:31 UTC