Been going through a patch of losing interest in bikes and riding recently, so although it's been one of my favourite things, I haven't been looking on here much. I've been losing interest in the dirt bikes for a while, and sadly after that recent trial I videoed, I didn't even touch my trials bike for more than 4 weeks. Totally lost the mojo. Haven't had any Friday sessions and skipped events and practice days. I'm definitely a bit of a fragile needy emotional crybaby so don't worry too much, it's not unusual for me. And as @Dan Evans would attest, over recent years I've said I'm quitting bikes on more than one occasion and then relented after a few months! Anyway I did get back on the Vertigo for half an hour a couple of days ago, then yesterday I did a solid hour or so and started to get into the flow. (definitely stiff and sore this morning!). I really like Neil's training session plan, and working on circuits of drills is definitely good, but sometimes I like to just wander aimlessly from one thing to another on my place, enjoy the variety, try each a few times or focus on it if I feel like it, but just follow my nose to whatever I see next. Cheers!

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2023-04-08 10:01:43 UTC