Part two. I have been doing quite some practice with just stuffing front tire, front tire placement with clutch on the ground and minor objects, trying to get the second RSG after I drop the front to a certain point on the ground. I have added the front brake recently, because I felt I didn't stop the bike enough just with clutch being pulled in and keepimg the revs high ( I can practice mostly only on logs or concrete pipes/small concrete wall so not really perfect obstacle). I think I get the front placement pretty ok, I think I stop the bike enough. But I have a bit of trouble adding throttle and keeping the front brake on. This motion is just so foreign to me. So for now I reversed to doing two separate blips of throttle rather than trying to keep/add rpms from start. I think my second blip is to late and something else is also off, because it doesn't really feel bad, and I get up things but I don't get a proper lift. #askneil and community please help. P.s my neighbour just raised all this logs for a good foot, so I have to get better at this πŸ˜„

Posted by Svobodna01 at 2023-04-07 17:09:50 UTC