After a long silence this will be the first out of two posts because I can't post two videos at once. This one is just to show the progress with ride up technique. I'm able to get over some pretty nice rocks now and it feels soo good 😊. And I get to ride with a very talented boy, which in a turn forces me to ride sections I wouldn't even think about trying before (like this double rock- having two minders there is a life and bones saviour). I do feel like a lot of things are way over my level, but once I can convience myself I probably won't die or get seriously injured I can do atleats one decent outcome per section per training. I feel that combined with lots of basic drills and repetitions of different skils my control over the bike is getting better. I noticed I feel more progress when I train certain skill for a while and feel I'm not improving, then leave it alone for a month and go do something else. When I return to it, I can usually make some progress or advance. It's like I'm building a puzzle, and adding pieces on the other side helps me get the part I'm trying to complete better. Sorry @Neil Price , I didn't get to do any stationary RSG jet, I just don't have any proper rocks/logs for it. Either bike is not leaning on the skidplate infornt or it's leaning in a way the rear wheel is in the air. I'll get back to the stationary ride ups and punches in short time I hope. Anyway, all comments are welcome. Just to clarfy at the left of the screen the ledge ends and there is a steep hillside + ruts that's why I'm turning carefully. And your help and comments, dear galls and lads, will be even more neded with the next video and the dreaded punch πŸ˜†

Posted by Svobodna01 at 2023-04-07 16:25:35 UTC