FEEDBACK for @deletedmember Balancing after hopping. Brad I know we lined up and video call and we have had to cancel, but we will get there! This is some awesome work on your behalf getting your hopping going! Developing your balance takes a lot longer than everyone realise's. You have done so well for such a short time frame!! TO recover the balance post hop, there is no magic pill, but we can get you forward a little on the bike when you land so your brain has something to work with, some information to give it a guide as to how much correction is appropriate. So the advice is - When you hop, pull the bars to you more and then drop with the bike, so you land and are a little more over the bars. Do this for a little until your balance develops There is a bit more detail in the video! Let me know how it goes and if you think it helps!

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-03-23 08:32:47 UTC