Hi all, Got a question for #ask Neil and the rest of you all, as I would appreciate the feed back. Feet! the darn Feet! So, in a turn you roll the foot on the outside peg and lean the bike till it contacts the inner calf, Knees bent and arms straight, so the chest and hips turn towards the direction you want to go. Yes? Ok, I get that part, if I'm wrong, let me know. Here is were the my confusion is. Let me preface this a little. I'm have been riding about 2 years and kinda started out all wrong. Joined the Community as soon as Neil fired it up and had to go back to basics, and now i'am improving rather quickly with a ton of practice. Members in the trials club I joined have been very supportive and offer tips or should I say point out what they think I'am doing wrong, I have about 5 coaches trying to help. Ugh! Ok let's get back to the Feet! One guy says no matter what keep your feet pointing forward even if you have to get on the balls of your feet. Second guy says you have to point the feet in the direction you are going. Third guy says doesn't really matter as long as you are comfortable and able to move them around if needed, for brake or turns, or ? So I have been messing with my feet and the more I try the more confused I get. There is so much to think about already in this learning curve, the feet just adds another darn thing. HELP ! What do you all do about the darn feet? Thank you

Posted by Tomas at 2023-03-13 03:20:56 UTC