FEEDBACK @Efim Splat Long distance jump to riding up the face. Efim this is quite incredible! Your technique is REALLY good! Really the only issue for you is that you are jumping from so far back and carrying speed etc into the face. The major point here for you is to change this perspective and try to ride up the face more. I would suggest that possibly you are using wheel height as a goal? Is that correct? If so we want to change that thinking to getting lift in the Unsprung mass of the bike, and letting the wheels and suspension fill the gaps. I suggest that you start working on Splatting from a stand still. This will reduce your reliance on momentum and get you trying to ride up! Way to progress this; - Start nice and close (roughly one wheel distance) you can go a little further back at first or also start on a smaller step if it does not feel comfortable - Use a kicker behind the front wheel to help at the start. Starting stationary can throw your thinking and timing out. Some riders do well if we put a kicker in the help the back wheel ride up a little more. You don't need to but can develop feel faster. - Bring shoulders back a little more in the GO. This will increase the amount of rotation in the space you have. Start in 1st gear, then 2nd, then 3rd over time. Lower gear is faster and less tension, Taller gear is slower more tension Let me know your thoughts! #splat #splatt #splatttechnique #rotation #tallergear #lowergear #stationarysplat

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-02-28 07:45:38 UTC