FEEDBACK @Svobodna01 Stationary Ride + Punch Techniques So Ines I hope this all makes sense to you. It maybe a little different to what you were asking but I think this will give you clarity and some direction. Your ride on the concrete and rock step is awesome! you should be proud of them! Major points - Difference in Stationary Ride + Punch - Difference in Stationary Ride Technique starting front wheel on top, versus front wheel against the front side of the obstacle Outline of Exercise for Stationary Ride technique 1. Find a low level log or rock where you can sit on the front edge of the bash plate. 2. Its important that you are started on the front edge of the bash plate, so the log is positioned under the header pipe, against the back of the front wheel, and against the front of the bash plate. 3. From that position Rev, Squat, GO with a focus to ride the back wheel up the face. (I have a video of this exercise coming) Let me know your thoughts! #Ride #punch #fronton #frontontop #frontagainst #Stationaryride #stationarypunch #unstuck #obstacle

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-02-28 05:51:47 UTC