#askneil A record breaking snow storm ain’t stopping me! First day on a trials bike and I can already see some progress! I do have a few questions to ask as a beginner and video commentary to add. Attached video is in chronological order, cool to see the build up to progress and then fatigue set in on some drills. I set the camera at the end of the garage and started with balance and turns which I thought were too tight to make and needed to hop (which I feel I improved upon, but would love some pointers especially going to the right) but eventually I realized I could do some figure 8s, although very tight for me. Something about having a wall and my skis on the floor trying to not hit them made me turn tighter! I did try some front wheel lifts, I don’t know if I can call them a RSG yet. I also practiced clutch and brake control outside on the slick driveway, I’m thinking this might make it easier when there’s more traction. Ended with some track stands which were tough because I was already exhausted! Any feedback on my body position or bad habits would be much appreciated as this is my first time on a trials bike and want to avoid setting into stone any bad habits. Questions: Where should my feet be located on the pegs? I feel at home on the balls of my feet, but not sure what to do about the rear brake and being in a spot to cover it. Should I be farther up and turn my foot around it or move my foot back and forth? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Deleted (05309833) at 2023-02-25 04:44:25 UTC