Hey everyone! I’m Alec, from Reno, NV USA. I just picked up my first real trials bike last night. Of course we’re getting dumped on with snow right now, so I did some static balance practice in the garage last night. I’m looking for any ideas of what to practice engine off in the garage as I’ll be snowed in for the next week. I’ve done static balance left to right, one leg, no brake, brake on/off, elevated front tire, etc. I also attempted front hops and can get a decent ways but have trouble sticking the recovery. I grew up on an electric OSET bike, but switched to pedal bikes racing XC and enduro for the past 10 years. I’ve always had a pedal trials bike to mess around with and have mastered track stands, front and rear hops on that. Hoping to get as comfortable as I am on the pedal bike on the motor bike to master clutch and throttle control and eventually transfer over those skills to larger bikes. Photo attached for flair😆

Posted by Deleted (05309833) at 2023-02-24 20:43:55 UTC