Hello 4 everyone! Just a standard question about feedback and "how to improve" on the basic RSG technic - after 2 weeks of training - so very fresh. I'm also attaching the very first attempt (first one in the movie) - after which I watched couple of feedbacks and understood my obvious mistake of not pulling the bars toward me. Thank you for all the comments! https://youtu.be/BRnUmHnkvYk And maybe specific question: - how should I bring the bike back to the ground? By a rear wheel or just waiting for it to come back by itself (After pulling the clutch)? - I see I stand up and bike goes away from me (forward) in this moment... hmm... should I use more force from my core and arms not to let the bike go away from me... ? #rsg #askneil

Posted by michael.szymandera.pl at 2023-02-23 16:27:12 UTC