Hi! I'm Michael (to be honest: Michał). Living in Poland / Europe. Riding trial for 1-2 years - but in a full amator mode - but I really love to polish (I'm Pole after all...) the technic. I ride TRS125R and I love it, especially when it is not broken ;-) I also love that Community and that page amazing work Neil! I joined like 3 days ago.. I'd like to ask the first question. I'm trying to do the ZAP, which is the Punch technic I believe, and that my latest video - I'm proud of it :-) Question is: when I do the 2nd clutch pop - is that really crucial that I back off/shut down the throttle just in the same moment I pop the clutch? Does it matter in terms of creating the lift/jump of the rear wheel? My goal is the rear wheel jumps onto the obstacle (brick). Another words: - I do the first wheelie, I place the front wheel on the ... brick - I rev the bike and I pop the clutch with jumping my body forward and in the same moment... - ...and in the same moment - must I back off the throttle? Or it doesn't matter and I can close the throttle 20 meters later? Somewhere in the youtube I heard that I have to back off/shut the throttle immediately and If I don't - there will be no lift and the rear wheel just drive on the ground into the obstacle. But I'm not sure, as Neil was telling in RSG excersise, that the throttle must not be shut down until the clutch is fully released and that I can shut off the throttle even 20 meters later. So, I'm confused now. Ugh.. sorry for a long text to ask a simple question ;-) Thank you you are here. slow-mo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SZOTbtofhc normal pace: https://youtu.be/o6Ajt85iOrc

Posted by michael.szymandera.pl at 2023-02-14 17:48:54 UTC