Feedback @deletedmember #Ridetechnique So Dan the progress you have made on this is awesome! You should be well proud of how far this has come along for you. Really now comes the picky little details to refine things for you, but i think you will find this is were things get more interesting as you get more options available to you. We need to fix you variability at the moment. There is a bit of a variance between attempts. to tidy this up the points for you to work on in this order are; - Dont let the bike get ahead of you at the very start of the GO moment. This I think you can just be aware of to remove it. When you squat try to keep your shoulders back a little more so you have room to pull the bike to you immediately. It may help to not squat as deep whilst you focus on that. When we squat deeper we tend to bring our head forward. - Alter your GO moment Focus on being more accurate with your GO moment. Try to work on being able to GO a foot earlier or a foot later. Try to be accurate with the point of GO. You may want to use markers and to video it, or have someone watch to get immediate feed back on each attempt. Don't just attempt and hope, try to gauge it properly. When you do this try to be as observant as you can to the feeling in your legs from the rear wheel. - More RPM Not that you really need more RPM to make it up, but a little more will give you more lift and it will change you options. If you add more RPM and combine it with the earlier GO moment, you'll likely jump cleanly and easily to the second step on the double. You'll notice how easy it becomes. The Extra RPM will then feel like cheating 🤣 After you have spent plenty of time on these points - Work on "unweighting" or more specifically pushing the bike forward. If you push the bike forward as you crest the top you will start to feel you body weight acting more on the rear wheel as it rounds the corner of the step. Its not "unweighting" truely, think of it as trying to squeeze your bike between your bodyweight and the rock. You will get plenty of feel out of that and feedback from the bike, plus traction. Hope this all makes sense, let me know if you have any questions! #ride #ridetechnique #doublestep #unweighting #squeeze #gomoment #go #kicker

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-02-12 08:02:33 UTC