#askneil Here’s some fun ride technique practice I recorded back in December. Would love to hear your critique and what anyone sees I could improve. I try to delay the go until almost to the rock but having a hard time with that because the height is still a little intimidating. It’s pretty slippery when it’s damp too. I think I may be approaching a little too fast also, especially with the double step at the end. I’m making it up most tries though, and RSG seems fairly natural now, which is sure cool. I’d like to be able to gauge the cresting of it better so I could hold pressure as I come over, which I’ve only managed a couple of times. It would also be cool to not dab too!🤪 Just need more practice I think. It’ll probably be easier when things dry out too.

Posted by Deleted (551a9e1f) at 2023-02-10 04:24:52 UTC