LIVE SHOW - Hopping!! Tomorrow Night in our normal time slot of 6pm GMT. Some guide times are on the image! So I am changing the Wednesday LIVE shows to be exclusively in the community! To kick off I am doing the first one on Hopping. @deletedmember and @Svobodna01 and others have asked and that is a topic I haven't recently covered. If you want to jump on your bike and join us?? So I will give an outline of how I teach hopping both front and rear and get into the details of the different little bits of detail to help you hop really effectively and efficiently. @TRS bike n floral girl will be on the comments so chime in and say hi, and ask away all your questions. You will get a notification when we go live and a little button will pop up on screen when you are already in the community! Looking forward to it!!

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-01-31 15:09:48 UTC