I’ve just switched from a TRS 300 (2020 One R) to a Vertigo 250 (2021 R3). Thought I’d give a bit of a report on first impressions! Due to some weird bike trading arrangement, one of our local guys (Andrew M) had his previous Vertigo 250 now owned by someone interstate, sitting at his place doing nothing for the last year. 30 hrs use, and like new. They were keen to sell it and I pricked up my ears (metaphorically; I can’t really do that but I did raise my eyebrows). I didn’t really want to sell the TRS, which I love, but I’ve beaten the crap out of it and put well over 300hrs on it during my 2yr+ ownership. Buying the Vertigo seemed a sensible thing really. My TRS would be fine to keep, but it’s getting rather worn, is going to need money spent soon, and changing over gets me back on a near new machine with some trick features, for not too much money. After much thought, and seeking the advice of legends like the Vertigo-mad @Shawn McGinnis and the wise @Dan Evans , I somehow convinced the missus, sealed the deal and transferred $ through the ether. The deal was done. Andrew M brought the bike today to hand over to me, at our ride session here at my place at “Hellthorpe”. After quickly swapping my full-height, thick strong fork guards over, I had a bit of a warm up over some of our usual things. First thing to hit me (apart from that loud throaty suck from the high intake!) was that the bottom end response is so much softer than my TRS. Now remember, I’m dropping down from a 300 to a 250, but it’s more than that. It’s definitely a much softer feel. Rapping the throttle open gave a slower, “fluffy” response … the TRS feels vicious by comparison. The Vertigo’s clutch is more progressive (slower), too – but that’s something you can adjust. The bike’s behaviour made me initially think: 1) I’d like to connect the Wifi tuning thing and change the map to be more aggressive, and 2) it needs a lower gear! It felt like I was in 2nd or 3rd. We started riding some of the sections and lines we know well, and I was impressed. My view on it changed completely. It just seemed to get over and around stuff non-dramatically but competently. I was stunned at how it could lug away up steep tricky stuff at what seemed impossibly low rpm, with no sign of stalling. It was like a diesel (seriously!!). It struck me that in gnarly lumpy turny stuff, I felt like there was more time … it moved sort of more slowly … in comparison, the TRS did things in more of a rush. Perhaps this is my first comprehension of what people say about a bike “getting away from you”. Yet when I fronted up to a biggish step like our big tyre, or El Capitan, gave it some RPM and executed Neil’s technique – it launched up just as capably as the TRS. I found myself doing punch and splat on rocks I would say are at my limit, and did well. I rode up our rocky gully and cleaned it, and it didn’t feel hard. We rode up our long hillclimb, and up a really slippery steep bad climb (all 3 of the other guys, who are much better riders than me, ended up pushing their bikes over the worst of it!), and I reckon on all of those things I did as well or better than the TRS, which is not bad for a first ride. Geometry-wise, I didn’t feel like it handled much differently to the TRS. I think Vertigo have really got that EFI sorted. It works so nicely. The oil mix is 160:1 !!! I LOVE the clear fuel tank!! So easy to fill, and see the level!! Filling the TRS tank drives me nuts … I can’t seem to do it without overflowing it. I also love the way the air filter and intake are designed. So easy to work on, so easy to fit (unlike the TRS) and positioned very high to keep water out in creek sections! I like the 6 gears too. The shift is stiff compared to the TRS. It has nice big footpegs – I like them. It also has the Reiger 3 way shock (my TRS is the 2 way) and when Andrew M said I’d feel the difference, I was sceptical. But … it did feel better over the loose and lumpy rocks. So that’s it for first impressions!

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2023-01-22 11:01:44 UTC