After Neil's Live session about getting the most from training, today I got on the bike and had a go. I chose 5 things that I'm weak at (it's not hard to find them) which I can practice within one area. Big thanks to my son-in-law Aiden for patiently filming! * Roll up the base of a tree and try to pause and roll back down and keep going. * Ride roughly parallel to a log and loft the front wheel, rotate and ride over the log. * Hold throttle constant and use clutch to lift and drop the front onto the face of a rock and hold. * Rear wheel hops swinging the wheel left or right * Front wheel hops both ways. I didn't succeed with most attempts at most things! Probably 1/4 successes. And as you can see, my balance is not good! It's so hard to work on things like hops, or rollups, when you are struggling with balance. I spent some time doing static balance in the shed after this, and felt like I have made no progress at all in the last year or 2! I'm sure that's not the case - overall my balance in sections is better, but it is a bit deflating. Well, @Neil Price did say to rejoice in the failures too, since you're learning from them ... so I should be doing a LOT of rejoicing for that. I was really annoyed to see and hear in the video that I'm STILL using a blip of throttle for the lift and drop!!! I can do it well on a small low rock but I think my brain has regressed in front of a bigger obstacle! I did this circuit routine half a dozen times before I got told I had to put the potatoes in the fire for dinner, but in that time I could tell that it was a good way to practice. I felt like each time I came back to the same obstacle, it was like I'd had a mental relax and reset that helped me to approach it a bit better. Very good!!

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2023-01-18 09:41:03 UTC