After 6 weeks or more off the bike due to injury and holidays I'm now getting back on it again. It's certainly interesting having that break & coming back - some things feel easier than ever and others have gone to pot. Interestingly my punch, although a bit erratic, is getting more lift than ever even though my timing generally has certainly taken a hit. Confidence is possibly the the biggest loser for the break, I frequently find myself being half-hearted on obstacles and hence coming unstuck. Anyway, I thought I'd throw up a video before I get too much time back on the bike. I figure it's likely my underlying weaknesses are probably exaggerated after time off the bike so this could be a good chance to get some direction before ingraining bad habits again. Not really working on anything particular here, just riding a familiar and easy obstacle. More than happy for all and sundry to throw in their observations.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2023-01-13 22:35:51 UTC