#askneil Hi Neil and everyone! I have a few questions related to the general methodology of learning trials. Hopefully it’s not too much for a single post! :) Anyway, it will be great to hear your advice and thoughts of the community. - How often is too much? If I want to progress as fast as possible, how many days per week should I train? I usually train 5-6 days per week, for 1-2 hours, taking 1-2 days of rest, but I’ve heard opinions from “2 days per week is the best” to “as many hours per week as you can”. - I feel that after 4-5 years of practicing trials my progress has slowed down. Well, that’s kinda expected - but I feel that while I continue to see noticeable progress in advanced techniques like rear wheel hoping or splatters, I often see myself struggling with relatively simple classic trials sections. I think one of the reasons is because I didn’t train sections much initially (were doing mostly separate elements / techniques), and although I adopted the “sections-centric” training approach around a year ago, I don’t see much progress since then. I was wondering if there are any guidelines on how to overcome this sort of stagnation. - The mental aspect. How to organize yourself mentally to get the most out of your trainings? How to battle frustration when you don’t deliver something you were expecting from yourself? I find this especially relevant when I come to train to Spanish trials clubs, hahaha :) - Maybe any other tips on how to progress faster? BTW Neil’s paper on how to organize your training is fantastic - I am following it since I discovered it :) Thanks!

Posted by Efim at 2023-01-10 17:40:16 UTC