FEEDBACK for @treesner Lift on the Enduro when Splatting Chris, getting lift in a Splatt is MUCH harder on the Enduro bike, the suspension absorbs so much more of anything you put into it, the bike is heavier and the geometry is really just not built for it. Honestly you actually do really well where you currently are at, but of course there is always room for improvement. Really the key to splatting really well is putting time into perfecting ride technique first. I think the most important point in this feedback is how you judge getting lift. Its important that you don't measure your success only on the height of the rear wheel hitting the face. It should be in how easily and smoothly you get up the face. Asking the question, "would i have made it up if it was a foot taller?" Key Points - Focus on lift of the bike, not the rear wheel - A loss of "height" due to a lack of rotation we need to work on allowing more rotation to occur Which can be done with a combination of - Less unweighting - Pulling on the bars more - Slower + More RPM (or earlier RPM) - Overcoming any fear or worry about the bike rotating so far. Exercise to work on - Select a nice step you are completely comfortable with, and if you don't make it, is nice and clear for you to step off. - You can ride this with or without a kicker, but you want to ride it without trying to "Splatt" as such just Ride technique. - GOAL is to ride it with legs extending and then staying straighter (no unweighting), pulling the bars to your body, and holding the front high after the step. - This is to really get comfortable with the full rotation that is possible with the enduro bike, and over come any hesitation or fear. - Best to do it with ride technique and up a step as it will give you context, if you do this just as a Wheelie/RSG it just won't give you the same effect. When we break that then we can look at refining the timing of everything to suit the bike and suspension! If you have any questions please let me know #RSG #Splatt #feedback #rotation #ride #lift #liftbackwheel #enduro #Endurosplatt #enduroride

Posted by Neil Price at 2023-01-09 11:56:34 UTC