My first attempt at figure 8s in a higher gear during last nights ride. Started out in 3rd gear then went up to 4th, gas gas have 6 gears for those who dont know. My first ride at home since the floods and the ground is really powdery, on the bright side there is heaps of tree's down so im hoping i can make use of those before the wood poachers take it all. Watching back i noticed im dragging the rear brake on the right turns and front brake on left hand turns. Im heaps smoother on the right turns with the rear brake and i can reach the rear brake usually, only i shot this after a long day at work and so im sore and tired. Next time out i think ill try and reach for the rear brake on the left turns. Anyway really enjoyed the exercise and im keen to keep working on it.

Posted by Wes at 2022-12-30 06:32:35 UTC