FEEDBACK @Michael Wilson Ride Technique This is an awesome step up and improvement on my last feedback. Michael you should be very proud of this! So whilst i waffle on like always 🤣, i think the point for you to look to next is as i mention in here, is making sure that you initiate the stand before you release the clutch. This is almost a vague instruction as I want you to just be aware of it and try to make it a deliberate thing. This will add extra tension into the leverage of pulling on the bars and pushing through your pegs. Over time as you get comfortable with it, will equal more traction and more lift. Let me know if you have any questions! keep up the great progress!! Key Points - Shortening your RSG pattern and leaving the GO moment till later has created more lift. - Standing is (occasionally not always) happening after the clutch release - Initiating the standing first will add more tension into the leverage of the bike - equalling more traction - and more lift - Traction on the face of the step has improved a lot! #RSG #ride #ridetechnique #traction #leverage #standing #squat #clutchrelease #lift

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-12-23 11:24:34 UTC