HI everybody, I thought it was about time I sought professional help. And for my riding! I have been riding dirt bikes every weekend for about 12 years now. I used to do a lot of dirt bike riding and enduro, but due to lack of riding mates I mostly putter around on my trials bike now. For quite a few years now I have felt like my skills are going backwards. I have no excuses! I have a good bike, my body is mostly still working and I have heaps of riding right at my door step. Most of my trials mates have progressed from lesser riders to much better riders than me. Luckily I am not a really competitive person, but it does make me wonder why. So, I am keen to hear how you guys have best used this community for progression. Cheers Ashley Christchurch, New Zealand

Posted by ashesman at 2022-12-22 07:10:37 UTC