Putting RSG into ACTION Video #5 in the Obstacle folder is now uploaded! Hit the button to go to the folder. Now this is a very detailed break down of how i put it into action. This is starting off at the absolute beginning, so ANYONE can put it into play. You may progress really fast through all of this, but the "Goal" of each step will give you important insight as to why i do it this way and how it can set you up for the future. If you are trying to put RSG into play, make sure you break it down step by step. Just do one step at a time, do it focused and properly before you move on..... No matter how below you it may seem. There will be follow up content on each point and covering all the regressions, or problems riders face within the exercise. I will go into more detail on each point. Questions such as "how to squat" are not covered in here. This is about getting the pattern established. Let me know if it is confusing at all or if anything needs to be clearer and ill fix it! #RSG #ridetechnique #obstacles #wheelies #lift #pattern #important #foundation #Rev #Squat #Go

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-12-20 07:00:14 UTC