Hi galls and fellas, can you help me on this one: How do you set up the carb for winter riding? It's a just few degrees C below zero here, and I went riding today- I was able to do maybe 3 pivots or wheelies then my throttle (power) response was slughish (like I draged the clutch, but I actually did a full pop). Holding it WOT with clutch pulled in for a 2-3 sec and it went back to normal for a very short period of time. It starts fine and idles ok. Bike is Beta Evo 125 2022 and it's set as it came from the shop some 30h ago. From the simptoms, I'd think my AF ratio is too rich (so I'd have to open the air screw more), but logic suggest that cold temperature-> more dense air-> leaner condition when cold-> close the air screw. What are your experience, and your settings? I'm riding in a populated area so WOT revving my bike every 2-3 minutes is not sustainable. Thanks! Oh, I run 1,2% oil:fuel ratio, if that matters.

Posted by Svobodna01 at 2022-12-14 14:18:42 UTC