FEEDBACK @deletedmember Floating turns and Turn line selection So I think this is of some significant value for many people in here. Floating turns are such a valuable little asset in your skill set. On the turn section please let me know Dan were you intending to go inside the rock?? Were you trying to make it harder? Am I way off in terms of the lack of depth in the video?? Major points - To float turn we are kind of spinning on the back wheel with the bike (think figure skating spin) - We need to initiate the spin in some way to get the front wheel to spin around the back wheel on the ground. - When riding into a float turn, the wheel turned is enough to do that. - When stationary we need to lean the bike away from the direction we want to turn and then pull it towards the turn. - After the spin is initiated, if you are tall and close to the bike you will spin faster, when your body is back away form the bike you will spin slower. #floatingturn #floater #turning #spin #leverage #lineselection

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-12-12 13:58:48 UTC