#askneil and group Here’s a few clips taken during my practice session I taped today. Would love any feedback on anything you feel like commenting on, but there’s a bit much here to address everything, so whatever jumps out at you would be sure be awesome. Started out with basic slow wheelies, then floaters. Front and rear hops, even a couple stuff rehearsals that I’m still afraid to pull the trigger (or release it) on anything that size. (Just practicing!😅) There’s also a couple holding pressure attempts over an easy ramped Boulder. Then some downhill rocky, rooty corner attempts that I’ve only managed to succeed on with this six or eight times all year. (Non of those lately). Even tried hopping it a couple times, but had no success. But it was fun anyway. I don’t realize until I watch a video of myself how unsteady I am! Cheers.

Posted by Deleted (551a9e1f) at 2022-12-11 07:11:02 UTC