FEEDBACK @Brendan Knight Creating a Habit I am at risk of sounding like a "Parent" in this feedback 🤣. Your turning is really good, maybe I could be picky on getting you to exaggerate more, but you have it all there😜👍. I think the real value you could get out of your practice here is to "finish one thing, then move onto the next"..... thats a dad lecture if i ever heard one 🤣. In the turn with the rear wheel hop, you "relax" or stand up in a comfortable default position, which is tall on the bike. If we can, it would be good to start establishing the habit of hop > then stay low > shift to turn position > then initiate the turn. As an exercise it can really slow your riding down and make it very methodical, deliberate and in turn controlled. I know when teaching turns or hopping, getting a rider to complete each piece consciously before rushing into the next "event" makes a huge difference in their riding. Consider this a good exercise, not a must do technique. Hope it makes sense.

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-12-05 06:30:33 UTC