FEEDBACK for @Michael Wilson Ride Technique/RSG What a perfect location/rock and conditions... I am jealous of your slip. It was 37° hear the day i recorded this and its not even summer yet. 🤦 So you have the RSG pattern dialed! its is really good and regular. All we need to do is bring it a little closer to the step and add make it all a little faster. So the points covered in the video - Leave your GO moment till you are closer to the step. So release the clutch later. - Use a little more RPM. You wont need a lot, just a bit more. - Reduce your SQUAT time. Lower yourself a little closer so you aren't waiting and anticipating the GO moment so much When you bring the GO moment closer, you will naturally just start moving a little faster. Be aware you don't put more effort in as such. There is no need to pull/push harder. It will start to feel more comfortable. Its best if you just move incrementally closer. Don't move the GO moment all the way in one attempt. As you move it each time just make sure you are relaxed in the process. Hopefully the video works this time.. Let me know if you have any questions!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-12-02 05:23:00 UTC