Hey @Neil Price I’m moving from advanced to expert next year in our club series and I know a very common dab area for me will be the downhill to nose pivot and then setup for an obstacle going back up the hill. I’m trying to figure out how to get the nose pivot then balance and sometimes get a second nose pivot in to get even more turned. Usually at the bottom of these hills there’s loose dirt and rubble so when you land the nose pivot its hard to get the balance and end up dabbing I’ve been getting better at eyeing up where the front tire needs to be to lock in to the pivot so I look for that when going down the hill. I have a question though, where do you look when doing the nose pivot during and after? I’ve always learned to look where you want to go with enduro but dont look down.. however I think it helps when I roll into the spot where I want my front, balance, look where I want my back to land, nose pivot and then look at the front wheelish area to balance. I think this helps but not positive, but asked a masters class guy and he said look ahead where you want to go so making a downhill left turn look left even though your rear needs to move right. I’ve also noticed good riders typically do a nose pivot then use that momentum to do a front wheel hop, maybe to disperse the energy of the rear hop? This sometimes works for me but the downhill ones kinda screws me up sometimes because I want to keep my front wheel in that nice spot I found in case I need to do another small nose pivot to get more turned around I feel decently comfortable with nose pivots on flat ground but I dont quite have the same comfortableness as I do with regular wheel hops, where I can feel my legs really generating the front wheel hop easily. On the nose pivots I do rely pretty heavily on the gas/clutch pop to get it moving Let me know if you have any suggestions #askneil #nosepivot

Posted by treesner at 2022-11-29 23:44:24 UTC