FEEDBACK @deletedmember turning and lines What a place to ride Jed!! and Yes I totally agree with you Trials people are awesome. They are just so good looking, intelligent, articulate, and above all humble 🤣. Jokes aside the trials community is awesome, and its great to see you have some mates to help you improve. So feedback.. The big 2 and they are linked is to find more stability and then use the space you have to greater effect. - Are you on a 300? If so I would recommend you detune the bike a little. Adding some base gasket or lower comp head can make a massive difference and make the bike way easier to ride. ( @PaulPeacock feel free to chime in with your 2cents on detuning :) - Set your levers up so your fingers are closer to the end of the lever so you get a smoother action on both brake and clutch. - Get into good turning position bike against inside knee/ outside knee out/ straight arms. This will help you big time! - Use the space and exploit all the room that is available to you as I outline in the video. If you have any questions Jed hit me up!! #Turning #lines #leversetup #levers #stability

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-11-29 14:39:58 UTC