FEEDBACK for @deletedmember Punch Technique I had a little camera drama this week, but now its all sorted! Mr Bowden your Punch technique here is EPIC. I think a few people will be a little jealous of you. You had mentioned on the phone, that you were not sure what exactly had changed that allowed you to get this lift. I would say it was a mix of your timing coming inline and your use of the front brake with that timing. What is EPIC about these attempts; - Use of the clutch, your timing is really good! - Lifting and Dropping of the front, getting that height with the front wheel - Use of the front brake when you hit too high! Things to be aware of to improve; Don't go out to specifically target each of these, just if you can find yourself a slightly larger target, and spend some time on punching, but just be conscious about these points; - Timing of Lift and Drop of front wheel, 1. Don't float so long (shown in video) 2. Work on your accuracy - RPM Variation and Late addition, Try to crack the throttle earlier, so let the RPM start building from the top of the front wheel arc if you can. Just a moment later will give you both higher RPM but also more consistent, regular RPM for each attempt. - Slow down your overall action, try to wait till the bike fully "stops" before you stand and go. This especially will just take time and attempts to feel it! Let me know your thoughts and if this makes sense! #Feedback #punch #log #macdonaldsarc #stopthebike #frontbrake

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-11-25 14:54:48 UTC