Hello! As a 43 year old starting enduro and trials, my friends pointed out that they have lost count of the amount of 'midlife crisis hobbies' I had or am having. Of course, who's counting, not me ; ) After riding road motorbikes since the age of 18, I discovered hard enduro (Romaniacs) on the interwebs. So 1 year ago, bought a KTM tpi 250 exc, started my training based on available youtube knowledge. Got kinda overwhelmed by the size and power of the bike whilst riding logs and rocks. . .. .. It's due to my protective gear that I got through my early training sessions without needing crutches : ) I realized that in order to achieve a decent level on the KTM I needed a trials bike so I bought a GASGAS TXT 250. I made myself a parcours. At this point I just needed a guide, a mentor. Et le voila, here we are!

Posted by Deleted (61563042) at 2022-11-21 21:40:13 UTC