FEEDBACK for @Andrew von Berky Punch technique Key points here for you Mr VB! - Thottle v Clutch There appears to be too much of a throttle acceleration. You may be using the clutch but it's not defined/separarted enough. - More Mcdonalds Arch When you are approaching your lifting from a long way back and its more riding at the obstacle rather than lifting and dropping. This means you are not getting a moment to stop the front wheel and if you did it would be quite a big hit. This also is building speed, so to hit low and stop the front would be quite a nerve racking thought. That speed will be a big hinderance. - Fork Spring Rate It doesn't look excessively low, but you need to ask the question... Are you hard bottoming the forks? or is it just a visual thing that it looks like it bottoming? If you forks are jarring to a stop then for sure up the spring rate, if its just visual I would say no. Its quite a fast approach so they are doing quite a bit of work here. I recommend that you go back to just focus on the lift and drop. Put two marked points on the ground. The first mark can be just a line in the dirt. The second is better to be a rock or something small and relatively flat (Like the kicker in the video near the log). Just big enough to be a target to land on but not cause you too much of a hit. Put them about 1m - 1.2m apart - Lift at the first mark with the clutch, - Try to lift the front axle nice and high for the distance so the path of the front axle is more like an arch and not a semi circle, and then drop the front wheel with the clutch. It's focusing on the movement up and down rather than forward. - Drop all of your weight down on the target. - Focus on doing it relaxed and getting the compression of the forks, and all lifting and dropping to be done on the clutch. Let me know if that is not clear enough. If we can get you feeling the lift and drop, then we can work on stopping the bike, and then you'll feel the lift! #feedback #punch #mcdonaldsarches #liftanddrop #clutchvthrottle #log

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-11-21 10:03:52 UTC