FEEDBACK for @Caroline Kent carrying the front on wet logs So first up your timing is exceptionally good! And your thinking is absolutely correct. It is a technique issue. But it is a very hard one to change. Essentially you are riding the log using double blip technique. Two Blips of the Throttle - one to lift the front - one to drive the bike into and over the log. The big issue is no lift is created, so you are completely reliant on traction on the log, to get you over. So when it is dry you can do it. The moment it's wet there is simply not enough traction to push the bike up and over. Acceleration on the throttle doesn't create much lift. It's worth having a look at the acceleration and traction video in the obstacle section of the knowledge centre. link is at the button below. There are more videos coming. From here and as I mention in the video, you have very good timing so i can recommend as an exercise; - Start on your bash plate, resting on a log, if possible slightly smaller than the one your on in the video. sit on the front edge of the plate. - Raise the RPM - Squat down on the bike - GO which is Standing, then a moment later release the clutch. The action of standing needs to be initiated before the clutch release. If anything doesn't make sense let me know

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-11-20 08:58:54 UTC