I’m back and happy to see the new platform working. I’m looking forward to getting back into training mode, and making a video or two as I could really use the feedback on lots of stuff. Considering that I had carpal tunnel surgery in the spring I still had a good season riding, and managed to achieve my goal of riding all of our local events, completing my first trials season. I felt like I learned a lot and really had a lot of fun. I even went to a two day Ryan Young class in September and had a blast there too. Perhaps one of the biggest (and quite surprising) highlights of the year, was late last winter after I set up some obstacles and made a few sections, I had a couple friends come over to ride and they told friends about it who after seeing it asked if I’d be interested in hosting an even here. Seriously? It’s only fourteen acres with maybe an acre of field for parking in the middle of woods. But heck yeah! Long story short, they put on an event in March and 52 riders showed up! It worked fantastic!! We had another in July and I helped set up the novice and intermediate lines and this time 71 riders showed!! So I guess 14 acres is plenty!😅 Being a small venue made it nice for spectators too. And the bonus is that now I have a bunch of stuff to practice on!!😁 The first couple pics are of the riders meeting, parking, warmup area, the Ryan Young class and the last one is where I set up a sort of dry waterfall which they used for the event. That’s what I’ve been doing since late last winter. I’m really looking forward to catching up with the community here. Cheers!

Posted by Deleted (551a9e1f) at 2022-11-18 18:31:01 UTC