@deletedmember FEEDBACK on Static Balance I am sure I am going to confuse you with this video, I have got some of the words back to front 🤦. BUT I am going to leave it up, as some of the visuals will make sense, and be of real value in the mean time. But I will make a far more refined video for this. But my advice is to 1. Work on feeling the resistance as you turn from each side to the centre So get your balance with the wheel turned to the left. Then play with the feel when you turn the bars right and come to the centre, but not past the centre. Then swap sides and work from the right and turning back to the centre, but not past it. Just feel that resistance. This side of your balance you will find is really good 2. Then when your ready to go past that point feel the Bike fall in the direction your turning Then when you are at the center point before the bike "falls" begin to counter balance with your body away from the direction the bike will "fall". If you get the counter balance correct you will remain balanced. It may help if you put a short 4x2 block of wood, or a brick to help catch the "fall" as you learn it Really hope I don't make things worse for you! #feedback #staticbalance #balance #steeringpivot #contactpatch

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-11-16 20:10:49 UTC