Tonights LIVE SHOW - Where the wild wheels go! Whilst riding, just ask yourself this, "where are your wheels going to go?". If you can not answer that.... then you are riding blind and without intent. You are riding on hope. QUOTE - “Hope is a dangerous thing. Drive a man insane.” Ellis "Red" Redding from the Shawshank Redemption We all do it, I don't see anyone immune to it. It's due to only 2 things - laziness or ignorance. Laziness when you don't take the time to get it right, or ignorance when you are out of your depth. It takes time, but it is easy to change this. At training this week, we had three situations. Riders wanting to; - turn onto a log from 90°, - a floating turn over some rocks - and negotiating a big pile of large granite boulders In all three cases riders ignored physics, and were hoping it would work. They tried to "make it" happen. In all 3 cases they needed to consider where would their wheels would need to go. If you want the rear wheel to track along the log, or hit that specific rock in a pile, or stay on the clean ridable line in a pile of granite, you need to know where the front needs to travel to make this happen. The arcs of the front and rear wheel just can not be forgotten about. This is where an emphasis on turning in every practice is sooooo important!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-11-16 04:11:47 UTC