It’s been a while guys I’m glad the app is back up and running!! Anywho he’s a little video is of last week. I did adjust the handlebars my brake lever and controls. After watching the controls video and the explanation about the bars and the seesaw comparison I tried to very slightly sweaty have it back and it made such a difference! I feel as if I move my whole body with the turn better. Maybe since I’ve been riding trials a little longer nowI can now feel the little difference I make. Who knows 🤷. Anyway any input is fine I’ll have my second compeition this weekend so that’s exciting. My very first competition was last month and surprisingly I podiumed third. I’m sure a lot of it was a battle of attrition and stuck it despite the hot weather. Anyways any feedback helps thanks so much guys and I’m glad to see everybody back!

Posted by Deleted (a6c7b102) at 2022-10-26 20:00:47 UTC