FEEDBACK @Marsel Punch Technique Feedback and punch technique break down. This is getting ahead of myself as its all going to be explained in the obstacle series of videos. Key point for you Marsel, is to get the bike stopped. Its the stopping of the bike that is key to the lift as i explain in this video. The body position etc is not that relevant at the beginning. Put these steps into play; 1. Paint/mark a spot on the rock at a height like i show in the video, where the front wheel is comfortable. 2. Lift and drop the front wheel to hit against the painted spot. Make a Arch with the front axle so the front gets higher then drops to the landing spot 3. Add front brake to feel a more significant stop and compression. (really want to feel the "stop" and fork compression 4. then add clutch release 5. then focus on standing before the clutch release. (that is like pushing into the bike harder with hands and feet) Also I would recommend that you take off some spring tension or get lighter springs. You may need to reduce damping a little to suit if you do that also. You want to be able to push through the bikes suspension stroke. Hope this makes sense to you! 😜 👍 #feedback #punch #stop #compression #oversprung

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-10-24 07:36:26 UTC