FEEDBACK to @Vivian Ride Technique So I hope I make sense here Vivian 🤣.... You are really progressing incredibly well. All we want to do is extend what you are doing, take it further and extract all we can out of your ride technique. What is currently awesome - Clutch control - RPM use and comfort with the RPM - Overall Timing This all has you getting lift quite well, in the bike and you. Points to work on - Clutch release or your "GO" closer to the step - Allow more rotation to occur in you and the bike I want you to relax more into, both of these, which will give you more lift, and rotation. You will build confidence in how late you can leave things and how much traction you will find. How to put this into action 1. Take off Closer and closer to the step. Do this gradually over MANY attempts. You don't need to get closer every attempt. Just move a marker on the ground slightly closer. Have 100s of attempts then when you are totally comfortable, go closer again. You may find it helpful to also do this on other steps, or dirt embankments. Don't push your comfort zone too far, or rush it! 2. Allow and feel more rotation. Whilst taking off closer, try to feel your rotation and the feeling of the rear wheel extending out to the face. I forgot to mention this in the video but do you have higher rise handle bars?? If you do they will make this harder. Over time you may want to revert back to lower bars or roll them forward, but rolling forward will make your turning unstable. I don't recommend that. Hope I don't contradict myself too much in this one! #Feedback #ridetechnique #ride #rotation #speed #obstacle

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-10-24 04:04:34 UTC