Obstacle Terminology Video is UP! Hit the button to take you to the folder in the knowledge centre One of the best things about having a closed off community is that I can keep things such as terminology in line, and we can all be on the same page. It may seem odd when you are used to using certain terms, but i do use these terms, for specific reasons. The obstacle videos will come out in order. Watch them.... and really take them in. I always find everyone wants to do the big spectacular stuff or the things that seem to make it all so easy. But that is so much further down the track than riders realise. Often riders progress quickly through certain techniques. They actually aren't hard at all, but each has sooo much to explore and extend into. Don't forget that the more work you do on the basics, the better your foundation, the faster and further you will progress. 😜 πŸ‘

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-10-20 14:59:35 UTC